About our products

Ugresh Valve Plant specializes in the production of isolating valves for gas feeding, heating and water feeding. LLC "UZTPA" produces ball valves Dn15-Dn1200 for hot and cold water feeding systems, gas distribution pipelines, and valves with rubber-wedge Dn50-Dn600 cold water feeding systems. In the design of ball valves technologists and designers of our company carefully studied the operation experience of imported and domestic valves in Russian conditions and concluded the importance of developing their own design.

Development and design of UZTPA products were made not only by design and technological departments employees of the enterprise, but also to this process were involved design organizations of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In the result of hard work of the engineering team the materials for production of ball valves have been carefully selected, well-established in the Russian climatic conditions. It is because UZTPA valves are made these materials.

The advantages of UZTPA ball valves

The working service of at least 30 years, the warranty period for all products is from 3 to 10 years; The thickness of the nozzle units and body is not less than the thickness of the pipeline units; welded ball valves nozzles are made of Russian steel (steel 20, 09G2S, 20GL); Stamped ball valves are made of weldless pipes; The design of the ball valve from Dn400 or more made on a "plug in holder"; The design of ball valves allows the actuators to provide double feeding of the required torque for closing the ball valves that meet the requirements of PLC "Gazprom" and other organizations, and provides a reliable shutter of overlap tap;

Plug material:

  • stainless steel, alloy titanium on all sizes of ball valves;
  • O-rings are made of fluorosiloxane elastomer;
  • spindle assembly design provides a static seal and also allows replacement of gland seals of the ball valve spindle mounted inthe pipeline, without resetting the working fluid from the pipeline pressure. The spindle of the ball valve is an integral (non-composite) structure;
  • The twisted coil springs have a protective anti-corrosion coating;
  • Armature covered with heat-resistant paint layer with thickness of at least 300 microns;
  • In the construction crane is used dynamic seal valve, which can compensate the impact of thermal expansion.